Notes from Frank :

My inspirations come from my love of family, history, old buildings, and home renovations that I intertwine with my love of ghostly tales. These books are fiction, but they are blended with real life, old buildings and local history.


My greatest complement came from my brother-in-law, a very serious CPA. He was one of the very first persons to read my first book, he said, “Even though I knew it was mostly fiction, it was very believable”.


FAMILY FRIENDLY: My stories are written for adults, and they are written as an adult should write. I believe that each story has a natural length to them, some of mine are longer than short stories but shorter than a novel, technically making them novellas. While these ghostly stories are not for young children, I am proud that they are still very family friendly.  I tip my hat to comedians like Sinbad, he never stooped to using vulgarity in his comedy, and yet he is always hilarious. Old TV shows like the Twilight Zone and classic movie directors like Hitchcock, scared you; and yet they never needed to cross the line into blood, guts and gratuitous gore.  I am proud that my grandchildren, my adult sons and daughter and their wonderful spouses, as well as seasoned citizens like myself can all enjoy them.